Belt Filter Press.

Pre-thickener + Belt Filter Press, the perfect combination.

For dewatering the sludge produced by average and big W.W.T.P., TEKNOFANGHI suggests the use of MONOBELT®, the perfect combination into one belt filter press. The machine is composed of two units, the pre-thickener and the sludge press. The pre-thickener rotary drum with Archimedean screw inside performs the initial solid/liquid separation stage, taking Sludge Solids concentration from 0.5 - 3% up to 5 - 15%.
The dewatering in the press occurs firstly in the low pressure zone, then in the middle pressure zone (also called wedge zone) and finally in the high pressure zone where the filter cake is compressed between the perforated cylinder cloth and the main cloth. The discharged sludge cake can reach Dry Solids contents variable from 18 to 30% depending on the sludge type.

The range of sludge treated with MONOBELT® is from 1 m³/h up to 140 m³/h maximum per single machine.

The simple design, covered by patent, permits to use endless belts which grants three times longer operational  life than traditional belts with clipper seams.



  • Municipal Waste Water

  • Industrial Waste Water

  • Beverage, Fruit, Brewery, Winery

  • Food, Dairy, Bakery, Slaughterhouse

  • Chemical Industry

  • Paper Mill

  • Drinking Water, River/Lake Water

  • Mineral, Stone, Ceramic, Glass

  • Ground Water Remidiation

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