Sensible to the requests of the market that is continuously in evolution, since 2002 TEKNOFANGHI successfully offers an innovative system of continuous micro-filtration for waste-water, called SCRUFILTER®. The SCRUFILTER® units can be used in many applications of micro-filtration in order to reduce fine suspended solids. The reduction of suspended solids is accompanied by a reduction in COD, BOD5, phosphorus, nitrates and other substances. In the case of further treatment with UV for disinfection it is important to reduce the turbidity caused by suspended solids. The filter cloth is selected according to the requirements which can be 20 – 30 – 40 – 60 – 80 or 100 microns. On special request of the Customer, different filter sizes can be produced.


  • WWTP for suspended solids reduction

  • WWTP for phosphates, COD and BOD reduction

  • Water recovery in Beverage, Food, Textile, Paper mill etc.

  • Water for raw material recovery

  • Drinking Water, River/Lake Water

  • Fish-breeding farm 

  • Chemical Industry for water reuse

  • Water from cooling towers

  • Clarified water after DAF system

  • Filtration water prior to disinfection with UV system

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