Teknobag-Draimad Package
Teknobag-Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package with CEM trolley with
Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package
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An all in one dewatering plant, plug and play and money saver.

To satisfy the requests of the market, TEKNOFANGHI proposes the TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD® system in “package” version. This system is a complete and very compact dewatering plant, equipped with a bag-module, polymer preparation unit, polymer dosing pump, sludge feed pump, inline mixer, level probe, control panel.


  • Municipal wastewater up 4000 P.E.

  • Resorts, hotels and camping

  • Industrial wastewater

  • Chemical industry

  • Food and beverage,

  • Dairy farms and slaughterhouses

  • Wineries and breweries

  • Drinking water, river and lake water

  • Mineral, ceramic, glass

Teknobag-Draimad Package cross section


After a few hours operation (with the correct conditioning of the sludge with polyelectrolyte), dry solids contents of 15-30% can be achieved, depending on the nature of the sludge. The volume of dewatered sludge produced is dependent on the solid content of the raw feed sludge. For example, with raw sludge contents of 1% dry solids, one machine can treat up to 20 m3 per day.

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After the initial dewatering stage on the machine, the bags are sealed and removed with a special bag trolley and stored in the open. During this second phase, sludge weight and volume continue to reduce, regardless of weather conditions. The special water repellent material of the bags prevents rainwater from entering, but allows dehydration of the contents by evaporation. After two months storage, a cake with minimum 50% dry solids content is produced. If the sludge is stored for a few more months, the final result will be between 70% and 95% dry solids. As an example, 1 m³ of sludge at 1% solids content would give, after two months, a cake of at least 50% dry solids content. This would weigh only 20 Kg and represents a 50-fold reduction of the original weight.

06B-Pack dewatering with draining bags


06B-Pack P dewatering with pressurization and draining bags

Pressurized TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD Package


The unit is delivered completely assembled and tested, so as to minimise installation time and costs. Due to the simple installation and maintenance, the “PACKAGE” system found a rapid market for small communities, hotels, holiday villages and small industrial facilities. 



TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD® system is particularly suited for sewage plants up to 4.000 People Equivalent, and offers a simple, economic and efficient solution, which gives a return on the capital costs in a very short timeAdditionally, the electrical power consumption is minimal, as power is only necessary during the bag feed (1-2 hour/day).

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On the automatic models, the only manual tasks entail removing the full bags from the unit and fitting new bags. The correct operation of the whole system is managed by a control panel, complete with a digital unit, which controls and also detects some important alarms such as: first filling lasted too long, refill lasted too long, bag damaged.



Documentation for a correct maintainance.