Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package
Teknobag Draimad Package



Dewatering systems with draining bags.

To satisfy the requests of the market, TEKNOFANGHI proposes the TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD® system in “package” version. This system is a complete and very compact dewatering plant, equipped with a bag-module, polymer preparation unit, polymer dosing pump, sludge feed pump, inline mixer, level probe, control panel and all else necessary for complete automation. The unit is delivered completely assembled and tested, to minimize installation time and costs.

Due to the simple installation and maintenance, the Package system found a rapid market with small communities, hotels, holiday villages and small industrial facilities.


  • Municipal Waste Water up 4000 P.E.

  • Resorts, Hotels and Camping

  • Industrial Waste Water

  • Beverage, Fruit, Brewery, Winery

  • Food, Dairy, Bakery, Slaughterhouse

  • Chemical Industry

  • Drinking Water, River/Lake Water

  • Mineral, Stone, Ceramic, Glass

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